Parry McCluer Boys Tennis


(Left) Alex, Garrett, Troy, Trevor, Kagen, (Front) David, Bryant, Stone


Seed # Name Grade Movement Nickname
Coach Garrett Turner GT
1 Kagen Roberts Sr. +1 Big S
2 Stone Huffman Sr. +1
3 Troy Coleman Sr. 0 Big Dog
4 Bryant Wilhelm Sr. +2
5 Alex Milanese Sr. 0
6 Trevor Wright Jr. 0 Lil' T
7 David Williams Fr. 0 Dewey

Garrett Turner

SVU Courts

SVU Tennis Courts

Team Quotes

  • "Who's ready for the question of the day?" -Garrett Turner
  • "Dude. Whatcha doin' dude?" -Conrad Patterson
  • "If you point your racquet like this, where's it gonna go?"
    -Rad Patterson