CodeHS for CS Teachers

Developing a new curriculum is hard, but using CodeHS is easy!

Our in-depth lessons, well-trained tutors,

and online metrics give you all the support you need

Easy-to-use platform
Introduce your students to the basics of Computer Science by allowing them to code through the web browser. The self-paced curriculum ensures that each and every student can master every programming concept.
Extensive content
Follow a CS curriculum that covers basic javascript, html, graphics, animations, basic data structures, and more! Short videos, example code, and lots of programming exercises make coding fun and accessible for beginners.
Efficient grading
Utilize teacher tools on the CodeHS site to grade student submissions quickly and easily. You’ll be able to run students’ programs, access sample solutions in the same window, and give grades using an easy color code grade system.
Track Student Progress
See class statistics and individual progress reports to monitor your students as they move through the material. Target your own teaching by making note of who is excelling and who could use a little extra help.
Create Your Own Exercises
Use the sandbox to allow students to complete exercises that you’ve come up with.
Join an Online Community of CS Teachers
CodeHS is being successfully used at hundreds of schools around the country and around the world. Become part of the community!