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Review: AP Computer Science A

Everything you need to get a 5 on the exam.

Quiz Questions


Autograded Problems




About this Course

Prepare for the AP Computer Science A exam with a full suite of practice programs and multiple choice quizzes. Get instant feedback on how you're doing on quizzes and programming exercises with our autograding tools. Plus, it's free for this year.

Meet Your Instructor

Jeremy Keeshin

As co-founder of CodeHS and previous computer science TA at Stanford, Jeremy has helped to teach thousands of students how to program in Java.

Who It's For

  • Students who want to get a 5
  • Teachers who want extra practice for their students

What You'll Get

  • Over 150 Quiz Questions
  • Dozens of Exercises
  • Instant Autograder feedback

What You'll Learn

  • Java Basics
  • Methods and Classes
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Searching and Sorting

Autograded Practice Problems

Practice your Java and method writing skills with our autograded problems. Each problem consists of a number of unit tests designed to give you instant feedback on the correctness of your code. To help you prepare for the AP exam, we've created a set of problems to cover specific topics that will be tested on the exam.

Multiple Choice Quizzes

Test your Java knowledge with over 150 quiz questions modeled off those that you will see on the AP exam. Our quizzes cover a wide variety of topics using multiple choice questions, just like the real exam. Our quizzes also offer instant feedback that shows whether you've answered a question correctly and explains any questions you may have gotten wrong.

Run Code in the Browser

Write and run code right from your browser. Practice writing and running code without downloading anything.

Instant Feedback From Autograders

Programs you write have autograders that give you instant feedback on your code, so you know immediately when you have a mistake.

Quizzes like the real thing

Practice on the real thing. The quiz questions are modeled after ones that will be on the test.