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Teaching Intro Computer Science in JavaScript

Lesson 1.1 Professional Development Course Welcome


These are all the activities included in the lesson

1.1.1 Course Overview
1.1.2 Graduate Credit Opportunity
1.1.3 Free Response: Getting to know you
1.1.4 What does a coding class look like?
1.1.5 Free Response: Get excited!
1.1.6 Planning and Pacing
1.1.7 Course Principles
1.1.8 Free Response: Learning outcomes and expectations
1.1.9 Access and Equity in Computer Science
1.1.10 Free Response: Equity and Inclusion
1.1.11 Free Response: Understanding challenges
1.1.12 Where Does Karel Fit In?
1.1.13 Free Response: Brainstorming to become a better teacher