CodeHS for Administrators

Computer science is one of the fastest-growing industries.

Inspired by Stanford's introductory CS course, CodeHS is

beginner friendly and used around the world.

Why coding?
Code is the language of the future. Every app, every web page, every new piece of technology we use relies on programmers to help create it. When students learn to code, they’re developing problem solving and logical thinking skills that help prepare them for jobs of the future.
The challenge
Today, CS education is essentially non-existent in American high schools. It’s hard—very hard—for high schools to offer computer science courses on their own. Developing curriculum takes time and expertise; the challenge of finding qualified candidates who want to teach is monumental; and offering salaries that can compete with industry jobs is almost impossible.
Why CodeHS?
CodeHS’s easy-to-use platform provides everything your school needs to start a fun and engaging programming course. And the ability to code in your browser without downloading anything makes CodeHS the easiest way to bring Computer Science to your school today!
Step-by-step Curriculum
Short videos, example code, and programming exercises make coding fun and accessible for beginners with a focus on problem solving and logical thinking skills.
Amazing Teacher Support
Whether or not there are teachers at your school with an extensive background in computer science or teachers who have never programmed before, they will be equipped with the training and resources to manage students’ progress.
Join Hundreds of Schools
CodeHS has been successfully used at hundreds of schools around the world; let's figure out how to bring it to yours.
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Admin Resources
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Information About CodeHS
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CodeHS Learning Outcomes
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CodeHS and the Common Core
See how the CodeHS curriculum maps to the common core.
Share CodeHS With Your School
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